January 25, 2022

​Tito Montana – Interview Sneak Peek

Timothy: Who was the inspiration behind that track, I know it has to be a shorty behind that. TM: Nah, to be honest with you when I was locked up I was reading a lot of those black novels, by Zane and all that, and just from reading it I realized just how intriguing that is. So I’m like if you can articulate […]

​Young ma- Interview Sneak Peek

Timothy: Tell us a little bit about what’s going on now with Young M.A. and what you up to right now. Young M.A: Right now, we’ve been doing a lot of shows out of town, out of state. We’ve been in the South a lot lately, from Atlanta to Texas, North Carolina. Right now, I’ve got the project called SleepWalkin’ dropping and I’m also […]

​Thirstin Howl III- Interview Sneak Peek

T.K.: Are there any more film projects coming in the future from you? Vic: The Chef Survival Kit Show, I changed it from Jail Recipes to the Chef Survival Kit Show because I’m droppin’ in the New Year. So it’s like a return of the Jail Recipes but it’s just called Chef Survival Kit now, you can look forward to that. It’s crazy, I […]

​Steph lecor- Interview Sneak Peek

T.K.: Wow, that’s nice. How did you get your start in the business? Steph: I, like every singer, in church at first, right? And school talent shows and things like that. But, professionally, I started a little over 10 years ago singing backup, with the Van Halen reunion tour. And from there I got signed to Poe Boy Music. I was in a group called […]