January 25, 2022

​Thirstin Howl III- Interview Sneak Peek

T.K.: Are there any more film projects coming in the future from you?

Vic: The Chef Survival Kit Show, I changed it from Jail Recipes to the Chef Survival Kit Show because I’m droppin’ in the New Year. So it’s like a return of the Jail Recipes but it’s just called Chef Survival Kit now, you can look forward to that. It’s crazy, I got many more projects droppin’, albums. Got a book droppin’ called ‘Bury Me With the Lo On” publishing with Victoria Publishing. That book is droppin’ soon, basically it just explains the Polo culture past, present, future. A lot of people who were influences in the Polo culture. And the book has photos that were taken from LoLifes all over the world. We went to Japan. We went to New Zealand. Went to all these places to photograph LoLifes in all these countries.

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