January 25, 2022

​Young ma- Interview Sneak Peek

Timothy: Tell us a little bit about what’s going on now with Young M.A. and what you up to right now.

Young M.A: Right now, we’ve been doing a lot of shows out of town, out of state. We’ve been in the South a lot lately, from Atlanta to Texas, North Carolina. Right now, I’ve got the project called SleepWalkin’ dropping and I’m also having my album released at Webster Hall. I’ve just been doing all these interviews trying to promote the project and just staying busy, getting to it. Hit that studio, trying to touch these towns, man.


Timothy: From listening to your music and your style, you definitely real hip hop in real Brooklyn. How are you perceived down south? What kind of reception was you gettin’ down there?

Young M.A: The love was genuine man. It was really no different from New York, honestly, if anything even more. The love out there, they appreciate me out there and I wouldn’t never expected that because the South have they own thing, they own type of music that they’re loyal to. The respect I get from out there is crazy, just loving it. I didn’t expect that.
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