January 25, 2022

What you need to know about civil forfeiture..

When the long arm of the law reaches out, it does so with both hands open ready to take what’s yours, whether or not it’s involved in criminality. The two hands are criminal and civil forfeiture. With criminal forfeiture, once you are convicted, the law can take property from you if the property is used in the commission of a criminal offense, or was obtained through criminal activity. However, with civil forfeiture, conviction of a person doesn’t matter. Each piece of property becomes the defendant and, depending on the state, YOU have to prove it’s innocence and that can be very tricky. It strikes us as just another tactic for local, state and federal authorities to pad their departments’ coffers through “legal” confiscation and auction.

Here is a very informative infographic about civil forfeiture to put things in perspective:

, an infographic from ArrestRecords.com

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