October 21, 2021

Bloka Bloka- Interview Sneak Peek

Composed of several acts including First Lady Dennie Diamondz, Benji Buckz, Black Diamonds, Interstate Fresh, Flee McVain, Top Notch and others, Grind Hard is a New York-based organization with aims of shifting the hip hop culture in 2016 and beyond. And although the crew was birthed in The Big Apple, Grind Hard CEO T. Money says what makes the Bloka Bloka Boyz unique is their ability to speak for hustlers all over the map.

“[Bloka Bloka represents] different regions of music, all under one umbrella.” He explained. No stranger to the industry, T. Money first served as a student of the game, learning the ins and outs of the music world before taking on an executive role- a role that allowed him to scout fresh talent to add to the Bloka Bloka roster.

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