January 25, 2022

From the Vault – JAE MILLZ

When Puff (P.Diddy) asks “you ready?” you better know what to say and that’s what separates Jae Millz from a lot of the other up and comin’ rappers. Jae is always ready. Whether on any Harlem corner or on MTV’s Making of the Band (Diddy’s reality show) Jae got somethin’ for that azz!

Introduced to Puff at age sixteen and ready to spit—whenever, Jae Millz isn’t jumping at the chance to sign any deal but (along with his manager Nigel) are positioning themselves for the right deal at the right time. When asked about how it felt to battle the Making the Band finalist on MTV, Jae simply responds, “…I’m not a person that gets star-struck. When I’m around Puff I don’t care—he’s a regular person like me, it’s just—our money bracket is a little different.”


Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be seen rippin the mic on MTV especially when you go to ATL for All-Star Weekend and all of a sudden females know your face. The most obvious question was, “Why not sign with the man—P. Diddy?” Nigel (Jae Millz manager) explains, “…Bad Boy is like a dictatorship. Puff is the leader, he’s like Saddam—he’s the top dude—what he says go. We don’t work like that and at the end of the day we gonna put as much work into as Puff.”

There are many avenues an aspiring rap artist can take now to enter the brutal yet lucrative rap game, for example, “Battle Fridays” on 106 & Park and, of course Making the Band but Jae in his cocky tone puts in plain words, “…that wasn’t for me. I’m not auditioning with a bunch of people and let’s say somebody say, ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ and you like Yankee Doodle Dandy and so you say ‘He hot’ I want him to be in the band. He’s not hot—I’m hot!” Be on the watch for the Jae Millz LP comin at cha this summer!

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