January 25, 2022

From the Vault – Lakey the Kid


Y’all readers need to stop acting like y’all never heard of this kid, cause his name has been broadcasted all
over the air waves & throughout CDS. Giving much love by Nas (Escobar), Mobb Deep, CNN & therefore recognize
Lakey the kid is someone for you to get up on so keep focused on this interview because I am about to bring you
into the underground world of a notorious street legend. Q.B.’s finest!!
Listen up? I know for a fact that all you readers of Felon Magazine are familiar with the pseudonym for
Queens Bridge projects such as (The Bridge & QB) innumerable Hip- Hop lyricist have pledge their allegiance to this
microcosm world inside a world through their CDS & songs. As the likes of MC Sham, Marley Marl, Roxanne Shante,
Nas (Esco), tragedy, Mobb Deep, Cormega, Capone & Nature to name a few natives who roots lie in this ghetto paradise.
Some of the above name Hip- Hop artist have migrated to neo- habitats of luxury others have remained. Thus
what remains in the bowels of this ghetto enclave is the untold true saga on God’s chosen one which I am about to
seduce the eyes & mental cavities of the readers with this exclusive interview. Now walk with me people cause this
is his story in the making. Since evolving into a fetus and going through transitional phases up until his 9th month.
Lakey the kid this black pharaoh rested in total calmness in the black (womb) cocoon inside the streets core of
darkness & was nourished through an umbilical cord of poverty, hated, miss-education, black struggles, converted
racism, segregation etc. In his quest for light his impatience caused contractions and concrete erupted an came
forth a young pharaoh who inherited genes from the black gangsta Dynasty where the foot prints were engraved by
Juice (RIP) 40- Busta’s (Gangsters who governed the hood) Y.G., Arcade (Gun slinga), Rodney Walker ( Uzi), Trent
Franklin and Felton. From the time of his birth Lakey the kid began vacuuming his sustenance by far from the bottle
of Enfamil, however from the Black America’s dark breast of traits. Digesting an era of 40th side and 10th street (The
Dime) which was the Mecca for hustling, rope chains, loose rocks, slinging, fad of haircuts being fades with dreads
atop & fly urban wear flossing trend setters. You had men of the hood & gangsters who were overseers of the hood.
Lakey this young pharaoh continued to consume all of this ghetto misfortune from Black America’s nipples &
burped the aftermath of venom cause he was a product of his ghetto colony adorned with a biblical name which
came as divine inspiration to Ms. Johnson while carrying this little pharaoh she conceived in unadulterated love.
Whom was destined to be exalted by God. Although Lake arrived into this world at New York Hospital, Lake was cultivated
and nursed in the wretched cradle of 696 all the way up until age of 5 in a one parent household enwrapped
inside the mantle of black love. We children of the ghetto can all relate even though, not on an identical level about
our relationship with the 70’s & black music.
More so somewhere in an apartment inside youth side and 10th street through a window black music such
as Marvin Gaye, The O’jays, Al Green , Jackson 5 & Smokey Robinson soothed our black souls while we contemplated
on gaining black liberty. Little Lakey was playfully pillaging the apartment of Ms. Johnson. Black mothers can
relate to Ms. Johnson struggle of being abandoned by the children’s abbot who’s then substituted by the governments
humiliating programs. With having three mouths to feed & clothe Ms. Johnson (Lakes mom) still carried the
torch of Matriarch just as the rest of our black mothers nationwide. Lakey the kid was matriculated in the false
indoctrinating educational system of elementary school P.S. 111 from the age 8-12 and then transferred and went to
Junior High School 204 at age 13-14 being underprivileged by nature Lakey the Kid sought pleasure during school&
after school ghetto activities by constantly beating on his rivalries from other hoods and including his domain stealing
from Pepsi & tennis ball factories. With impregnated leadership qualities Lakey the kid led the way on a break
dancing crew which included Nas (Escobar), Whiz, Bo, and Will they did opening shows in “ River Park” for Biz
Mark and MC Sham expressing their superiority in battling body language. Lakey the Kid and his followers found
enjoyment in being dare devils on rooftops & balconies and trashing unoccupied buildings and giving titles to there
ghetto territory. In the event of being mischievous Lakey the Kid displayed that
“ He Got Game” “ in the mister everything tournaments” obtain street credibility for being a problem child
and talented. 87 was the year of the black cloud Lakey the kid’s internal inferno exploded and unleashed a vicious
monster terrorizing the streets unending because he was to young to find a job and school no longer was a part of
his agenda when he couldn’t keep up with the latest fashionable wear.
Hustling had yet to become a priority because robberies on the take out orders, and vice etc. were more
exciting. Put on to the hustling fad by the hit hard crew of Flushing and Corona. Lakey the Kid was the pioneer for
hustlers his age in his hood poisoning the streets for him was (Black Ed RIP), Ha, Bullet, Black Reign, Gino &
peace. The young balla of his time possessed the finest wears, rope chains, stacks of 100’s in his pocket everyday
& became a man way ahead of time by helping his moms put food on their table & sending his older brother funds
while he attended college. Lakey the kid acquired irresistible hunger for guns. Involved in Sanguinary blood -bath
quenching the thirst of the concrete with the blood of adversaries. Gunshots from the Goodfellas which consist of
Cliff, Spark (RIP), Trev, Ice, Supa, J.R., Beef Stick, Karate Joe, George, and Lakey the kid attacking enemies of the
hood who were feared & ordering that none of hustlers pass the elephant on the 40th side of 12th street.

From the stadiums blood-baths to daily multiple shootings & shoot outs with the antagonist, policing his
hood, extorting older O.G.’s & nurturing those younger than him Lake the Kid indefinitely sought out to live & die by
the N.I.NA. (gun) & this actually almost occurred while controlling the entire 696 he was shot in his chest while in
the midst of gun smoke. Being the child he was born to be the bullet fell inside his shirt after being wounded he fled
to his place of refuge and healed without even going to the hospital. Readers the boy is Gangsta. During the course
of volcano erupted street wars that was more hotter than larva Lake the kid. (Black Pharaoh) became an unstoppable
beast especially after his comrade in war Ice was tattooed by a gun – shot wound to the head. Lakey the kid
declared open season on anyone. Which was the cause for him catching an attempt murder charge from shooting
an enemy in the stomach left to meet his maker slow death. The b**** made n**** never stood to oath of the streets.
This created a hidden agenda formed by the devils in blue suits (NYPD police) to conduct a man hunt for
Lakey the kid. This led up to a pending case $10,000 bail that Lakey the kid posted and bailed out on. Once back on
the asphalt his N.I.N.A once again done all the talking it seem jail became attracted to him cause again he was captured
and held under bondage on another ransom $3,500 that he posted the next day stemming from tampering
with a witness. Prone to violence and on the run camouflaging himself by staying hotel to hotel. He was recaptured
and was headed for Hell Bound in the year of 92. 18 years of age Lakey the Kid was exposed to another form of
slavery that was inducted by White America “The Prison System” 7 years of Lakey the Kid life was given to the belly
of the beast. First stop! Rikers Island. Lakey was then moved around like a pawn to dungeons like the springs, mod-
9 & 2 upper.
While Lakey resided in the stomach of White America. Lakey the kid caught an attempt murder charge on
Rikers Island for slashing the jugular vein of the next prisoner. While Lakey & his comrade of struggle Spank (R.I.P)
ruled the outside nothing changed in prison- telephones was controlled & housing units were governed by Lakey
the Kid. Shackled behind enemy lines the scenery changed adorned with a ball head & baby face and branded with
a barcode & flossing state greens & black boots and a long bus ride from the slave-driver to your next plantation.
Lakey the Kid places of physical slavery were Coxsackie’s Comstock & Green where another fatal episode of life or
death arrived, Lakey the kid escaped the Grim Reaper once again after he was stabbed in his sleep by a hand made
shank possessed by a coward.
Results Lakey had a punctured lung and then went to Albany medical center where he was surrounded with
support by his mother and sister by his bedside where he lied handcuffed. While Lakey recovered reality of liberty
began to sank in mentally after visualizing a music video of childhood soldier Nas (Escobar). Then being in keeplock
in Wendy. Also moving onto Attica, Orleans, and Arthur kill. During his stay at Attica Correctional Facility he
baptized himself psychologically, spiritually, and physically educating himself by reading books like Art Of War,
Soledad Brothers Blood in my eye, Attila the Hun, 48 laws of power etc. and abusing himself with extreme body
workouts. Throughout Lakeys redevelopment he still had demons haunting him& his comrade in struggle spank
rode for him loyalty by slashing three enemies on Lakeys behalf. Inside a cell 9×10 resurrecting into a new life form
loyalty was distributed by Nas through his music, through his influence & leadership traits Lakey the Kid began networking
behind the wall with other generals while the parole board hit him four times before with his release. 99 was
the year of a new life. Released was a general with a new focus. However, Lakey the kid could not avoid misfortune.
In the concrete jungle Lake road dog Spank was murdered in the streets where he arose from the concrete. Even
though homage was given upon his arrival Lakey took full responsibility of organizing his man funeral while not
having the money. This dart of a lost soul scarred him for life & allowed him to put on his armor of military grind
and focus hard and put it down on a legitimate level beginning with black owned. He traveled with Nas on tour
around the world. Has done videos, wears encrusted diamond bucket platinum headed Jesus piece, drives a EClass
320 Benz, put basketball tournaments together in the hood for underprivileged children of the ghetto in the
summers, and feed the blocks with cook outs.
So you readers of Felon Magazine are still not familiar with this ghetto don. A thug, gentleman, the kizasosa
of the music industry. Yeah he owns Lakes Entertainment and dropped a album (41st side) on September 11,
2001 with numerous guest appearances by Nas, Tragedy, Capone & Noreaga, Mobb Deep, and Mega & Nature. Now
stop acting like y’all don’t possess the album. Its in your stash!! Lakey the Kid thought for once he had abolished
all demons, but somewhere they came back to haunt him in 2001when giving a tournament a shoot out occurred &
he was apprehended for allegedly committing attempted murder on police a life that has gone bad to good now has
an unpredicted future. Facing life while detained in G.R.V.C. (Beacon). This cannot be his life from the cradle to his
multiple flesh wounds. He lived in hell being a hell raised and change his entire life becoming a black entrepreneur.

Now is it that his ghost- the ghost of living by the codes of the streets wont release him to a new life after
all his selfless sacrifices or is it White America fear the rise of another influential leader who will unveil there injustice
against the masses of people of color. Well take a look into the belly of the beast where the stench of 48 a men
accompany one another on daily basis while awaiting their fate. An analyze kiza-sosa of Q.B. (Lakey the Kid) give us
answers out questions regarding his life of affliction, continuous struggle of emancipation & the real inside scoop
on who’s the president of the 696 & what its like to keep to the code of the streets as a gangsta during his every day
life. Lets go!
Pe. Jay: Is Lakey the Kid loved, feared, or respected?
Lakey: All three
Pe. Jay: Which one do you prefer out of those three?
Lakey: Respect cause someone could love me but still disrespect me. However, if they respected me before loving
me they would be conscious of they deal with you.
Pe. Jay: While conducting this interview I analyze that you’re known as a notorious gunslinga. Where throughout
your life have you acquired an insatiable hunger for guns?
Lakey: I had to step my game up. I wanted to be in the big leagues therefore I had to get big guns. Once I did that it
was a rap.
Pe. Jay: How do you feel whenever you hear songs of some hip hop asrtist self professing that they are dons of
Q.B. & the most notorious when actually you are the top general of the 696?
Lakey: I don’t consider myself the top general of the 696. Cause I could never disrespect those that I honor and
respect from the 696 & put them below me, because the caliber people see me for is the same rank of those who
died, went to prison for representing for Q.B. As far as other n***** considering themselves to be the man they
lying!! If I could sit here and pay respect to others from my hood for being as loyal as I’ve been to the hood. I be
damn to let another n**** put himself above me cause aint nobody from that whole project’s period is above me on
an level. If it was another king out there I would eat that n**** alive.
Pe. Jay: Lakey is there any truth to the rumor Sherm the worm a notorious blood gang (O.G.) member who also is
a native of Q.B. taking the bling bling jewels from a renowned rap artist (readers note the rapper is not Nas), and
you got his jewelry back from Sherm?
Lakey: Yeah!!! That entire situation was a thing of principle and Sherm the worm is a man of principle. And it was a
thing of principles that justified his actions on what he did.
Pe Jay: With lyrical wars of disrespect transpiring between Nas & Cormega 2 artists whom you knew since childhood.
Cormega being a member of Goodfellas and Nas a comrade that you toured the world with and who salutes
you throughout the majority of his songs. How do you keep the balance of sharing a relationship with the both of
Lakey: First off all that’s something I am not trying to feed into and create a bigger situation cause its weak however,
we only destroying & disrespecting ourselves and the public being parasites ear hustle and gather info on Nas
through Cormega & vice versa, on stuff they don’t know to be true or not. I’d rather unify my hood and my people
cause they are a part of my childhood and at the of the day going at each other aint about nothing.
Pe. Jay: During your process of internal revolution on your mind, body, and soul while doing a 7 year prison term
(92-99) how has it benefited you and your new out look on life?
Lakey: It benefited me because it preserved my life, I couldn’t see myself living past 21 and it made me redefine
what I base my happiness on, it made, me want to unite my people based on my personal experiences and influence.
Being that people put to much emphasis on money and position which throws a veil over there real focus on
self-empowerment and overall happiness of mind, body, soul, and family relations.
Pe. Jay: Upon returning to the 696 did you notice a generation gap between your departure & future after your 7
year term imprisonment?
Lakey: It was bugged when I came home cause from 92-99 everything changed dramatically! I went to jail when
Redman’s time 4 some action & what’s the scenario remix was banging 4 runners and maxima’s was hot then. Now I
came home and Nas is coming to pick me up in a Bentley and bringing me to his mansion in Long Island. Seeing all
this I said to myself I got to get up. Havoc and Capone driving me around in Cadillac trucks and white Benz’s owning
houses. Then seeing the most official street respected gangsta like Sherm Da Worm, Y.G., and my comrade
Spank (R.I.P) not having what they hands called for didn’t sit right with me. Cause they put work in for the hood and
deserved it. A lot of my comrades wanted me to start the revolution strictly on some street shit. But I was thinking
too big for that, instead of taking 30 or 50 grand off this dude or moving 10or 25 thousand of this or that. I was getting
it to the point where soon we could afford to spend 40 g’s on appeal lawyers for our comrades from my entertainment
company. I have too much talent and potential power to settle. Im destined for greatness in this one life
I’ve been given and the mental maturity I reached during my travels wont allow me to compromise my focus.
Pe. Jay: Is Lakey the kid spiritually happy or are you still haunted by demons of your past?
Lakey: It’s both because I see Gods blessings everyday through the people who he brings in my life when I am broken
down the most. Demons will ride my back no matter how much good I do on every level- demons are haunting
me the streets, stress, police harassment etc. and by being unsure of my purpose in life.
Pe. Jay: Regarding life or death which one do you prefer?
Lakey: Depends on the circumstance
Pe. Jay: Do you have any children?
Lakey: No
Pe. Jay: Being a reader yourself of Felon Magazine you probably read articles where dudes from the streets
snitched in their interviews. You raised by the codes of the streets & death before dishonor- therefore what do you
have to say about the cooperation of the rat bastards of this era?
Lakey: I despise them n***** because they have no integrity, loyalty, honor or remorse For the real people who lives
they destroy.
Pe. Jay: As being an intimate comrade of mines and conversing with you about personal issues I analyze that your
very disciplined & very military minded by the art of war care to expound?
Lakey: I practice the art of war daily. By one practicing the state of invincibility which is to stay prepared, conceal
my form, and cover my tracks. I stay conscious of the 5 dangers by not being too eager to live, too willful to die, too
easily angered, too sentimental, and too puritanical (which means too strict toward religious beliefs).
Pe. Jay: When you came home from prison in 99 what did you do financially to get on by owning your own entertainment
company & drop a album on 9/11/01 which was titled the 41st side with numerous guest appearances?
Lakey: The streets showed me love. And all the rappers from my hood that’s on my album came to holla at me asking
if I needed anything. Being the business man I am when I got the opportunity I felt the time was right I hollered
and that’s how the album came about.
Pe. Jay: Why wouldn’t you market your face on your album to gain fame amongst the public when you are not
known in the industry?
Lakey: Cause I am not trying to be famous and I’m still to close to the streets to have my face all over the place.
Pe. Jay: Lakey will you continue to carry this image
of being the kisa-sosa of hip hop meaning that you’ll
be right amongst the public without them knowing?
Lakey: Yeah! I am way more comfortable with moving
the way I move now.
Pe.Jay: Unfortunately we had to conduct this interview
in jail. After you just been released 2 years ago
from doing 7 years (92-99). Therefore what criminal
charges are you now facing.
Lakey: (looking thru his paper work & withdraws a
felony complaint that reads:
1. Attempted murder in the 1st degree (2 counts
2. Criminal possession of a weapon in the 2nd degree
An armed felony offense..
3. Criminal possession of weapons in the 3rd degree,
reckless endangerment in the 1st degree
4. Criminal possession of a weapon in 3rd degree & attempt to escape in the 1st degree
Pe. Jay: How has currently being incarcerated affected you?
Lakey: It has stagnated me on every level.
Pe. Jay: I see you been threw a lot in your life and right now I still see you copping with a lot how do you do it?
Lakey: God disciplines the ones he considers legitimate sons. So even though I didn’t want to go threw a lot of
things I went threw. God made me go threw them and in the end it made me stronger and wiser. My life has been
hard very hard but I have to keep my spirit up because that’s all I have besides my loyal family members whom I
consider to be my mother, my brother Larry, my sister Terrina, my sister in law Monique,Supa,Nas, Lord, Piece his
wife Jackie and their children and my loyal and beautiful wife Mia and my mother in law Barbara, sister in law Karina
and nieces Shaniqua & Daneisha. Condolences to my boys from the hood on the island Sherm Da Worm, Face, Lil
Ha, Black, Rain, Rodd, Kia my main man Max outlaw Al.G & Bo from Baggs & Big P.Jay 155th st.( P.Diddy) & Big
Rudds nuff respect & for my comrades from the mountains check the album.
Conclusion of Interview
Lakey’s coup de tat was against poverty ghetto colonialism and white America’s injustice toward blacks.
News cameras refuse to come to our hoods to get the truth, but rather extract their stories from rural colonies
because life on that side of the grass is greener instead of getting it from where the innocent, wicked, old and
young die alike. Everyday is a common plague for black ghettos nationwide. After Lakey the Kid’s process of internal
revolution he rose above the insanity of ghetto colonialism by becoming a ghetto spokesman – unifying,
enlightening, feeding his hood and with his entertainment company began throwing community events that was an
alternative to black on black crimes in the slums of 696 better than what white America offers black ghettos after his
rise above inner city madness. He is once again, after being physically paralyzed for 7 years in imprisonment, an
endangered species who’s targeted by tranquilizing prison darts by poachers from N.Y.’s finest devils in blue.
Lakey is forever under microscopic scrutiny in order for the N.Y.P.D to capture, shackle, gag and then transport him
to spend his entire life inside a steel cage. On August 16th the hunt came to a cease a legend who has reformed
his entire life by integrating as a legitimate citizen in society by becoming a black entrepreneur, family man & aspiring
hip hop artist. However his captors have once again indoctrinated society with false propaganda leading to
believe Lake is a monster by allegedly accusing him of an attempt murder on police on the day his entertainment
company threw an event that benefited his hood. Lake, a newfound man, is haunted by his past and left to be set up
and framed by the devils of this world. Now rather than be carried by 6 pall bearers Lakeys fate is left to be judged
by 12 who’s inducted by white America’s injustice system. Every ghetto hood had their living deceased legends. Harlem
had K. Childs, Butch Cassidy, R. Porter, Unique, Fritz (112th street), Lou Simms, Darnell & Gerald (Carver), Tim, Nick,
Marlon, Klyde. The Bronx had Carlos, Inf, B.O, Pistol Pete, Showbiz, Tony Montana, B. George, Crusader Rob.
Brooklyn had Killer Ben, Tut, A. Team, Danny D,. Queens had Tony Montana, Black Jus, Preme, Prince & now in this
era & still the son of 696 is Lakey the Kid. Now readers y’all cant act like y’all don’t know. He’s the kisa-sosa of hiphop
& true ghetto spokesman who’s not in the game. But is in the business.
Exclusive interview conducted by:
PE. Jay

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