January 25, 2022

2 thoughts on “Find out more about YTC Cover story! The YTC Story from goonsinc.com

  1. I dont know why people are glorifying these rat ass motherfuckers, ” Titon and Chango” because of them my cousin Pito is doing 100 to life..they snitched and got less time for their cooperation..and I dont even want to begin because they disgust me.. they know what they did..

  2. Yo Tuff Tony, u dont know wtf u tlkn about……n maybe u should go tlk to ur cousin, n when was the last time yall spoke? Everybody a cousin for clout…should I post “ur cousin Pito , paperwork??? Ahhhhhhhhhhh tell me? Go visit him n ask him if I should….he know I got it. Ask him….

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